Mortimer, Roger, 1st earl of March

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Mortimer, Roger, 1st earl of March (c.1287–1330). A lord of the Welsh march, with major interests in Ireland, Roger Mortimer was one of the rebels who surrendered to Edward II in 1321. He made a dramatic escape from the Tower of London in 1324, and went into exile in Paris; it is probably there that he became Queen Isabella's lover. He was at her side during the invasion of 1326, and after the deposition of Edward II early in 1327 he, with the queen, dominated government until 1330. He became earl of March in 1328, and had no reservations in displaying his power, wealth, and position. This regime proved to be as corrupt and incompetent as that of the Despensers which it succeeded, and in 1330 in a remarkable coup the young king, Edward III, with a small group of followers seized Mortimer at Nottingham. His execution followed trial in Parliament.

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Roger de Mortimer 1st earl of March

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