Roger le Fort, Bl.

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Bishop and confessor; b. Ternes, Limousin; d. March 1, 1367 or 1368. He studied law at the University of Orléans. He became a canon at Rouen (1316), and was cathedral dean in Bourges (1317) and later professor of civil and canon law at Orléans. Successively bishop of Orléans (1321) and of Limoges (1328), he was finally appointed archbishop of Bourges in 1343. Zealous in the administration of his office and austere in his personal life, he established a hospital at Bourges and founded the Celestine priory at Ternes. He authorized the exhuming of the relics of odilo of cluny (1345). A benefactor of the poor, he ordered that his goods be distributed to them on his death. He is buried in Bourges cathedral. He is the author of sermons and juridical commentaries.

Feast: March 1.

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