Roger & Me

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Roger & Me ★★★½ 1989 (R)

Hilarious, controversial and atypical semi-documentary details Moore's protracted efforts to meet General Motors president Roger Smith and confront him with the poverty and despair afflicting Flint, Michigan, after GM closed its plants there. Includes some emotionally grabbing scenes: a Flint family is evicted just before Christmas; a woman makes a living by selling rabbits for food or pets; and a then soon-to-be Miss America addresses the socioeconomic impact of GM's decision. One of the highest-grossing non-fiction films ever released, and Moore's first. 91m/ C VHS, DVD . Michael Moore, Anita Bryant, Bob Eubanks, Pat Boone; D: Michael Moore; W: Michael Moore; C: Kevin Rafferty, Chris Beaver, John Prusak, Bruce Schermer.