Beauchamp, Guy de, 10th earl of Warwick

views updated May 29 2018

Beauchamp, Guy de, 10th earl of Warwick (c.1270–1315). Warwick's father was prominent in Edward I's reign in campaigns against the Welsh and Scots. Warwick succeeded to the earldom in 1298 and fought at Falkirk with distinction. But at Edward II's accession, he quarrelled violently with the favourite Gaveston and in 1310 was one of the Ordainers trying to control the king, and working closely with Thomas of Lancaster. In 1312 he handed over Gaveston to be executed after he had been held in Warwick castle. He refused to serve in the Bannockburn campaign and died the following year: in the circumstances suggestions of poison were inevitable.

J. A. Cannon