views updated May 23 2018

1. Portion of a vertical plane beneath a segmental or semicircular vault running into it, bounded by the intrados and springing-line.

2. Similar-shaped aperture bounded by an arch or vault, e.g. in a wall at the end of a barrel-vault or above a door set in an arched opening, possibly a fanlight.

3. Tympanum in a segmental or semicircular pediment.

4. In a fortification a detached bastion, usually shaped like a half-moon.

5. Semicircular face of a Romanesque cushion-capital formed by the shaping of its lower part to fit the circular shaft.


views updated May 29 2018

lu·nette / loōˈnet/ • n. something crescent-shaped, in particular: ∎  an arched aperture or window, esp. one in a domed ceiling. ∎  a crescent-shaped or semicircular alcove containing something such as a painting or statue. ∎  a fortification with two faces forming a projecting angle, and two flanks. ∎  Christian Church a holder for the consecrated host in a monstrance.


views updated May 08 2018

lunette (clay dune) An accumulation of aeolian sediment, consisting of clay pellets the size of sand grains, found around the margins of some salt lakes.


views updated Jun 27 2018

lunette XVI. — F. lunette, dim. of lune moon; see -ETTE.