Lundgren, Dolph 1959–

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Lundgren, Dolph 1959-


Full name, Dolph Hans Lundgren; born November 3, 1959, in Stockholm, Sweden; father, a parliamentary economist and electrical engineer; married Peri Momm, 1990 (divorced, 1991); married Annette Qviberg (an interior designer, jewelry designer, fashion stylist, and fashion designer), February 27, 1994; children: (second marriage) Ida Sigrid, Greta Eveline. Education: Attended Washington State University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1983, and Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden; University of Sydney, M.A., chemical engineering, 1982; studied acting at the Warren Robertson Theatre Workshop. Avocational Interests: Drummer.


Agent—International Creative Management, 10250 Constellation Way, 9th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90067.


Actor, producer, and writer. Thor Pictures (a film production company), founder, 1993; Group of Eight (theater company), founder, 1994; appeared in print ads for the Diamond Information Center. Represented Sweden in heavyweight martial arts championships; non-competing team leader for U.S. modern pentathlon team at summer Olympics, 1996. Also worked as a bouncer, bodyguard, model, and instructor in hand-to-hand combat. Military Service: Served in the Swedish military.

Awards, Honors:

Winner of British Open kick-boxing championships, 1980-81, and Australian Open, 1982; European heavyweight karate champion, 1980-81; Australian heavyweight karate champion, 1982; Fulbright scholar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1983; Marshall Trophy, best actor, Napierville Cinema Festival, 1985, for Rocky IV.


Film Appearances:

(Film debut) Venz, A View to a Kill, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists, 1985.

Ivan Drago, Rocky IV, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists, 1985.

He-man, Masters of the Universe, Cannon, 1987.

Frank Castle (title role), The Punisher, New World Pictures, 1989.

Jack Caine, I Come in Peace (also known as Dark Angel, Death Angel, and Lethal Contact), Triumph Releasing, 1990.

Mike Anderson, The Eleventh Station (also known as Cover Up), Capitol, 1990.

Lieutenant Nikolai, Red Scorpion (also known as Red Exterminator), Shapiro Glickenhaus, 1990.

(Uncredited) Ivan Drago, Rocky V, 1990.

Detective Chris Kenner, Showdown in Little Tokyo, 1991.

Andrew Scott, Universal Soldier, 1992.

Wellman Anthony Santee, Joshua Tree (also known as Army of One), 1993.

Eric Brogar, Pentathlon, 1994.

Himself, Sunny Side Up, 1994.

Nick Gunar, Men of War (also known as Hombres de acero), 1994.

Street preacher, Johnny Mnemonic (also known as Fugitivo del futuro and Johnny Mnemonique), 1995.

Michael Dane, The Shooter (also known as Hidden Assassin, Strelec, and Desafio final), 1995.

Waxman (shooter), Silent Trigger (also known as Franctireur en peril and The Algonquin Goodbye), 1996.

Major Frank Cross, The Peacekeeper (also known as Hellbent and Red Zone), 1997.

Lukas Sadorov, The Minion (also known as Fallen Knight and Knight of the Apocalypse), Buena Vista, 1998.

Christian Erickson, Sweepers, 1998.

Himself, Making of "Blackjack" (documentary short), 1998.

Warchild, Bridge of Dragons, 1999.

Major Jack Holloway, Storm Catcher, 1999.

Matt Sorenson, Jill Rips (also kwon as Jill l'eventreur, Jill the Ripper, and Tied Up), 2000.

Nick Preston, The Last Patrol (also known as The Last Warrior), Artisan Entertainment, 2000.

Himself, Making of "The Last Patrol" (documentary short), 2000.

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Legion, Lions Gate Films, 2001.

Jason Price, Hidden Agenda (also known as Double Agenda), Trimark Video, 2001.

Himself, "Hidden Agenda": Behind the Scenes (documentary short), Moonstone Entertainment, 2001.

Himself, Graham Norton: For Your Pleasure (documentary), Channel 4 Video, 2002.

Sam Decker, Detention, Lions Gate Films Home Entertainment, 2003.

Frank Gannon, Direct Action, Nu Image, 2004.

Randy, Fat Slags, Entertainment Film Distributors, 2004.

John Foster, Retrograde, Warner Home Video, 2004.

Lance Rockford, The Defender, Visual Entertainment, 2004.

Himself, Detention: An Afta' Skool Special (documentary short), Lions Gate Films Home Entertainment, 2004.

Himself, Making of "Direct Action" (documentary short), Nu Image Films, 2004.

Himself, A Tale of Two Titans (documentary short), Lions Gate Films, 2004.

Himself, Guns, Genes & Fighting Machines: The Making of "Universal Soldier" (documentary short), Lions Gate Films, 2004.

Himself, Making of "The Defender" (documentary short), Bauer Martinez Studios, 2004.

Nikolai Cherenko, The Mechanik (also known as The Russian Specialist), Nu Image Films, 2005.

Himself, Making of "The Mechanik" (documentary short), 2006.

Himself, The Opponents (documentary short), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 2006.

(Uncredited) Ivan Drago, Rocky Balboa, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 2006.

Ryder, Missionary Man, Sony, 2007.

Xander Ronson, Diamond Dogs (also known as Quan zhang), 2007.

Film Work:

Executive producer, Pentathlon, 1994.

Director, The Defender, Visual Entertainment, 2004.

Director, The Mechanik (also known as The Russian Specialist), Nu Image Films, 2005.

Producer and director, Missionary Man, Sony, 2007.

Producer and director, Diamond Dogs (also known as Quan zhang), 2007.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Waxman, the shooter, Silent Trigger (also known as The Algonquin Goodbye), HBO, 1996.

Major Frank Cross, The Peacekeeper (also known as Hellbent and Red Zone), HBO, 1997.

Jack Devlin, Blackjack (also known as John Woo's "Blackjack"), USA Network, 1998.

Christian Erickson, Sweepers, USA Network, 1999.

Warchild, Bridge of Dragons, HBO, 1999.

Major Hack Holloway, Storm Catcher, HBO, 1999.

Matt Sorenson, Jill Rips (also known as The Bone Ripper, Jill the Ripper, The Leatherwoman, and Tied Up), HBO, 2000.

Brixos, L'inchiesta (also known as En busca de la tumba de Cristo, The Final Inquiry, and The Inquiry), 2006.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Bob Hope's Royal Command Performance From Sweden, NBC, 1986.

Judge, From Hawaii with Love, 1986.

Making of "Universal Soldier," 1992.

Making of "Johnny Mnemonic," 1995.

I Love the 80's 3-D, 2005.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (also known as The Tonight Show), NBC, 1986.

Himself, The Last Resort, 1987.

"Wetten, dass …? aus Lugwigshafen," Wetten, dass?, 1987.

Himself, Sunday, Sunday, 1988.

The Dame Edna Experience, 1989.

"Wetten, dass …? aus Bremerhaven," Wetten, dass?, 1992.

The Word, Channel 4, 1992.

The Big Breakfast, Channel 4, 1993.

Nulle part ailleurs (also known as N.P.A.), 1994.

This Morning (also known as This Morning with Richard and Judy), ITV, 1995.

"Brandon Lee," E! True Hollywood Story, E! Entertainment Television, 1997.

+ de cinema, 2001.

So Graham Norton, Channel 4, 2001.

V Graham Norton, Channel 4, 2003.

Godnatt, Sverige, 2005.

"Dolph Lundgren und Ralph Herforth," Durch die nacht mit, 2006.

Also appeared in Dolly.


Exercise Videos:

Maximum Potential (also known as Dolph Lundgren: "Maximum Potential"), International Video Entertainment, 1987.

Music Videos:

Appeared in video for Irson Kudikova in 2006.



Maximum Potential (also known as Dolph Lundgren: Maximum Potential), 1987.

Legion, Lions Gate, 2001.

(Story only) The Mechanik (also known as The Russian Specialist), Sony, 2005.

Missionary Man, 2007.



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