Lundestad, Geir

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LUNDESTAD, Geir. Norwegian, b. 1945. Genres: Politics/Government. Career: University of Oslo, history department, research fellow, 1970-73; University of Tromsø, associate professor of history, 1974-79, professor of American civilization, 1979-88, professor of history, 1988-90; director of Norwegian Nobel Institute and secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, 1990-; adjunct professor of international history, University of Oslo, 1991-. Visiting scholar, Center for International Affairs, Harvard University, 1983; frequent commentator on Norwegian television and radio; head of a committee to reorganize the foreign policy institutes in the Oslo area, 1993-94. Member of the advisory council for Arms Control and Disarmament, Norwegian Foreign Office, 1986-; member of the Norwegian Defense Commission, 1990-92. Publications: The American Non-Policy towards Eastern Europe, 1943-1947, 1975; America, Scandinavia, and the Cold War, 1945-1949, 1980; East, West, North, South: Major Trends in International Politics since 1945, 1987, 4th ed, 1999; The American "Empire" and Other Studies of U.S. Foreign Policy in Comparative Perspective, 1991; "Empire" by Integration: The United States and European Integration, 1945-1997, 1998; EDITOR: (with O.A. Westad) Beyond the Cold War: New Dimensions in International Relations, 1993; The Fall of Great Powers, Peace, Stability, and Legitimacy, 1994; No End to Alliance: The United States and Western Europe: Past, Present, and Future, 1998. Contributor to English-language anthologies and periodicals. Author of books and articles in Norwegian on Norwegian history and foreign policy after 1945. Address: Norwegian Nobel Institute, Drammensun. 19, 0255 Oslo, Norway. Online address: [email protected]