Lunel, Jacob de

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LUNEL, JACOB DE (18th century), Provençal poet. In 1737 he was one of the scholars of Carpentras who approved the publication of the prayers for Rosh Ha-Shanah and the Day of Atonement according to the local rite. He revised and enlarged a Purim play by Mardochée Astruc written in Provençal, which he published in 1774 (new edition by E. Sabatier, 1877). Some of his liturgical poems appear in the Seder ha-Kunteres (Maḥzor Avignon). He also composed a Hebrew ode on the occasion of Louis xv's escape from assassination in 1757; this poem was recited with musical accompaniment in the synagogue of Avignon.


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[Jefim (Hayyim) Schirmann]