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fanlight •halite • candlelight • fanlight •lamplight • gaslight • flashlight •starlight • headlight • penlight •daylight • tail light •Peelite, pelite •street light • phyllite • rubellite •Carmelite • proselyte • Monothelite •highlight, skylight, stylite, twilight •sidelight • limelight • night light •spotlight • torchlight • lowlight •cryolite • microlight • moonlight •cellulite • floodlight • sunlight •rushlight • Pre-Raphaelite • firelight •acolyte • Bakelite • Armalite •Ishmaelite • phonolite • cosmopolite •electrolyte • Israelite • corallite •heteroclite • chrysolite • socialite •satellite • tantalite • overflight •pearlite, perlite •searchlight

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1. Glazed light over a door, often with a semicircular or other type of curved top, with radiating glazing-bars suggesting the shape of an open fan, also called sunburst-light, common in British C18 houses. From c.1800 batswing and tear-drop designs were introduced.

2. Any glazed light over a door, fan-shaped or not, or any upper part of a window hinged to open.


Sambrook (1989)

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