Fancy, Richard 1943-

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Fancy, Richard 1943-


Born August 2, 1943, in Evanston, IL; father, in sales; mother, a radio performer; married; wife's name, Joanna; children. Education: Studied acting at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.


Actor. Appeared in advertisements.

Awards, Honors:

L.A. Weekly Theatre Award nomination, leading male performance, 2000, for The Master Builder.


Television Appearances; Series:

Mr. Stravely, It's Garry Shandling's Show, Showtime, 1986-90, Fox, 1988-90.

Mr. Lippman, Seinfeld, NBC, 1991-98.

Bernie, General Hospital (also known as Hopital central and Hospital general), ABC, 1997-2003 (some sources cite beginning in 2006.

District attorney Bruce Logan, The District, CBS, 2000-2004.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Sam Adams, George Washington, CBS, 1984.

William Duer, George Washington II: The Forging of a Nation, CBS, 1986.

Dr. Breedlove, From the Dead of the Night (also known as Nos bracos da morte and Schattenreich des Todes), NBC, 1989.

Arthur Sackheim, Murder One: Diary of a Serial Killer, ABC, 1997.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Contract lawyer, Call Me Anna (also known as Call Me Anna: The Patty Duke Story), ABC, 1990.

Strathom, Without Her Consent (also known as Bez jej zgody, Gegen ihren Willen, Raiskaus, and Un giorno da dimenticare), NBC, 1990.

Justice Richard Marino, Absolute Strangers (also known as Calkiem nieznajomi and Zwischen Leben und Tod), CBS, 1991.

Marty, Drive Like Lightning (also known as Der Stunt seines Lebens), 1992.

Stephen Grant, Afterburn (also known as Depois do fogo, F-16, autopsie d'un accident, F-16—Surmanloukku, Le crash du F16, Le triomphe de la verite, Przerwany lot F-16, Starfighter des Todes, Voo rasante, and Zuhanas utan), HBO, 1992.

Dr. Michael Gottlieb, And the Band Played On (also known as E a banda continua a tocar, E a vida continua, En el filo de la duda, Es a zenekar jatszik tovabb …, Guerra al virus, Il grande gelo, Kai i zoi synehizetai, Les soldats de l'esperance,Und das Leben geht weiter, and Y la banda siguio tocando), HBO, 1993.

Doctor, Roswell (also known as Incident at Roswell and Roswell: The U.F.O. Cover-Up), Showtime, 1994.

Harold Sherman, Untamed Love (also known as La pequena rebelde), Lifetime, 1994.

McClintock (a banker), The Last Outlaw (also known as El ultimo forajido, El ultimo renegado, L'ultimo fuorilegge, O ultimo bandido, Os ultimos foras-da-lei, and Viimeinen lainsuojaton), HBO, 1994.

Ed Ledbetter, The O. J. Simpson Story (also known as A verdadeira historia de O. J. Simpson Story, Die O. J. Simpson Story, and O. J. Simpsonin tarina), Fox, 1995.

Richard Tasman, Innocent Victims (also known as Erreur judiciaire and Sijaiskaersijaet), ABC, 1996.

Deutsch, Primal Force (also known as Wild World and Agguato nell'isola della morte), UPN, 1999.

Harold, Come On, Get Happy: The Partridge Family Story (also known as C'Mon, Get Happy: The Partridge Family Story, Come on, get happy—Die Partridge Familie, Den sanna historien om familjen Partridge, and Partridge familyn tarina), ABC, 1999.

George Prescott, McBride: The Doctor Is OutReally Out, The Hallmark Channel, 2005.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Minister, "There Goes the Bride," Who's the Boss?, ABC, 1987.

Norman Klein, "Pigmalion," L.A. Law, NBC, 1987.

Principal Kevin Altman, "The Test," Starman, ABC, 1987.

Elam Swope, "The Silence at Bethany," The American Experience, PBS, 1988.

Lieutenant, "Barbara Gets Shot," Empty Nest, NBC, 1988.

Man, "The Big Uneasy," Newhart, CBS, 1988.

Mr. Hauser, "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Pageant," 227, NBC, 1988.

Norman Klein, "Open Heart Perjury," L.A. Law, NBC, 1988.

Colonel Halsey, "Consider Me Gone," ALF, NBC, 1990.

Prosecuting attorney, "I'm Nobody," Gabriel's Fire, ABC, 1990.

Dr. Moss, "A Lesson in Life," Nurses, NBC, 1991.

Fred Epstein, "The Agony and the Agony," Top of the Heap, Fox, 1991.

Captain Satelk, "The First Duty," Star Trek: The Next Generation (also known as The Next Generation and Star Trek: TNG), syndicated, 1992.

Congressperson, "Cruel and Unusual Punishment," Empty Nest, NBC, 1992.

Dr. Chodash, "Chute Friends, Ask Questions Later," Civil Wars, ABC, 1992.

Dr. Chodash, "For Better or Perverse," Civil Wars, ABC, 1992.

Dr. Valenti, "Kodachrome," The Wonder Years, ABC, 1992.

Dr. Valenti, "Lunch Stories," The Wonder Years, ABC, 1992.

Senator Thatcher, "Send in the Clowns," Murphy Brown, CBS, 1992.

"Educating Janine," Doogie Howser, M.D., ABC, 1992.

Dr. Saxon, "The Man of Steel Bars," Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (also known as Lois & Clark and The New Adventures of Superman), ABC, 1993.

"Foreign Co-Respondent," L.A. Law, NBC, 1993.

Wallace, "Booktopus," All-American Girl (also known as All American Girl), ABC, 1994.

Wayne Donnelly, "Killer Party," Weird Science (also known as Ciencia loca, Code Lisa, Lisa—Der helle Wahnsinn, Lisa ja pojat, and Una chica explosiva), USA Network, 1994.

Alien, "Tattoo," Star Trek: Voyager (also known as Voyager), UPN, 1995.

Allen Raffin, "What Ever Happened to Maria Rosa?," Land's End, syndicated, 1995.

Dr. Hayman, "Misery on 34th Street," Bless This House, CBS, 1995.

Dr. Mendelsohn, Get Smart, Fox, 1995.

Mr. Copeland, "Beam Me Up, Dr. Spock," Dream On, HBO, 1995, also broadcast on Fox.

Sam Arbogast, "Where There's Smoke," Party of Five, Fox, 1995.

E. Allen Wayne, "… Tell Our Moms We Done Our Best," Space: Above and Beyond (also known as Above and Beyond, Space, Space 2063, Space: 2063, Avaruus 2063, Guerra dos mundos, Gwiezdna eskadra, Rummet aar 2063, Slaget om tellus, and Space: guerra estelar), Fox, 1996.

James V. Forrestal, "Moving Targets," Dark Skies (also known as Cielo negro, Dark Skies—l'impossible verite, Dark Skies—Oscure presenze, and Dark Skies—Toedliche Bedrohung), NBC, 1996.

Martin Gutenhimmel, "In the Matter of: Acceptance," Common Law, ABC, 1996.

Martin Gutenhimmel, "In the Matter of: John's Fifteen Minutes," Common Law, ABC, 1996.

Stu Havlik, "Murder on the Run: Part 2," Diagnosis Murder, CBS, 1996.

Judge, "Harassed," Union Square, NBC, 1997.

Judge, "Veronica's Best Buddy, Veronica's Closet, NBC, 1997.

Judge Debelko, "Eleven Angry Men and One Dick," 3rd Rock from the Sun (also known as 3rd Rock and Life as We Know It), NBC, 1997.

Judge Debelko, "Romeo & Juliet & Dick," 3rd Rock from the Sun (also known as 3rd Rock and Life as We Know It), NBC, 1997.

Mr. Posner, "The One Where They're Going to Party!," Friends (also known as Across the Hall, Friends Like Us, Insomnia Cafe, and Six of One), NBC, 1997.

Mr. Thomas, "Tribes," ER (also known as Emergency Room), NBC, 1997.

Vincent Carraze, "Luther's Temptation," Orleans (also known as New Orleans—Das Gesetz des Suedens), CBS, 1997.

Vincent Carraze, "When the Saints Go Marching In," Orleans (also known as New Orleans—Das Gesetz des Suedens), CBS, 1997.

Chandler Evans, "Immaculate Conception," The Nanny, CBS, 1998.

Harold F. "Hal" Lomax, "First Do No Harm," Diagnosis Murder, CBS, 1998.

Mr. Broadman, "Norm, Crusading Social Worker," Norm (also known as The Norm Show), ABC, 1999.

Sector control, "Please Press One," Sliders, Fox, 1999.

Allen Prescott, "Forgiveness and Stuff," Gilmore Girls (also known as Gilmore Girls: Beginnings and The Gilmore Way), The WB, 2000.

Congressperson, "The White House Pro-Am," The West Wing (also known as West Wing and El ala oeste de la Casablanca), NBC, 2000.

Dr. Van Zandt, "Death Takes a Three Day Holiday," The Hughleys, UPN, 2000.

Judge, "Cry Me a Liver," City of Angels (also known as Anglarnas stad, Englenes by, Enkelten kaupunki, and Orasul ingerilor), CBS, 2000.

Rabbi Joseph Wolk, "Believers," Crossing Jordan (also known as Untitled Tim Kring Project), NBC, 2001.

Psychiatrist, "Insomnia," Carnivale (also known as Circo, La caravane de l'etrange, and To tsirko tou mystiriou), HBO, 2003.

Psychiatrist, "Lonnigan, Texas," Carnivale (also known as Circo, La caravane de l'etrange, and To tsirko tou mystiriou), HBO, 2003.

Senior partner, "Separation Anxiety," The Lyon's Den (also known as I lovens hule and Lain luola), NBC, 2003.

Howard Seigal, "You're Buggin' Me," NYPD Blue, ABC, 2004.

Palmer, "You Can't Take It With You," Las Vegas (also known as Casino Eye), NBC, 2004.

Father Michael Ryan, "Gone," Boston Legal (also known as Fleet Street, The Practice: Fleet Street, and The Untitled Practice), ABC, 2005.

Father Michael Ryan, "Legal Deficits," Boston Legal (also known as Fleet Street, The Practice: Fleet Street, and The Untitled Practice), ABC, 2005.

The judge, "Whereabouts," Eyes, ABC, 2005.

Thomas Galway, "Calculated Risk," Numb3rs (also known as Numbers and Num3ers), CBS, 2005.

Bob Lewis, "Dumb Luck," The Closer (also known as L.A.: Enquetes prioritaires and Se apostasi anapnois), TNT, 2007.

Doctor, "The Class Goes back to the Hospital," The Class, CBS, 2007.

Judge Dixon, "Shattered," Crossing Jordan (also known as Untitled Tim Kring Project), NBC, 2007.

Appeared in other programs, including appearances as Richard Pappas, Moloney, CBS; as Clarke Davenport, Two Guys and a Girl (also known as Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place), ABC; and appearances in Reasonable Doubts, NBC; and Strong Medicine, Lifetime. Also appeared as Geoff Aull in "What the Past Will Bring," an unaired episode of Bull (also known as Klippet and Wall Street porssihait), TNT.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

First worker, "Once upon a Time in the City of New York," Beauty and the Beast (also known as A Szepseg es a szoernyeteg, Die Schoene und das Biest, I pentamorfi kai to teras, La bella e la bestia, La bella y la bestia, La belle et la bete, and Skonheden og udyret), CBS, 1987.

Captain Brunetti, "Nick Knight" (also known as "Midnight Cop"), Forever Knight, CBS, 1989.

Dr. Moss, "Son of a Pilot," Nurses, NBC, 1991.

Film Appearances:

Academy speaker, Sunset (also known as Catalina, Asesinato en Beverly Hills, Assassinato em Hollywood, Intrigo a hollywood, Meurtre a Hollywood, and Sunset—Daemmerung in Hollywood), TriStar, 1988.

Sergeant Barry, Spellbinder (also known as Culto diabolico, Czarownica, La hora de los brujos, La trampa de la arana, Noiduttu, and Spellbinder—Ein teuflischer Plan), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists, 1988.

Ballistics expert, True Believer (also known as Fighting Justice, Coupable ressemblance, Das dreckige Spiel, Oikeutta vastaan, Solo ante la ley, and Verdetto finale), Columbia, 1989.

Nolan, Tango & Cash (also known as The Set Up, Duo de choc, Tango da Keshi, Tango e Cash—Os vingadores, Tango es Cash, Tango et Cash, Tango i kes, and Tango y Cash), Warner Bros., 1989.

Yves Malmaison, Identity Crisis, 1989.

Intelligence captain, Flight of the Intruder (also known as El vuelo del Intruder, Flug durch die Hoelle, Inkraektaren fraan skyn, Intruder: Missao de alto risco, Intruderek tamadasa, L'ultimo attacco, Le vol de l'intruder, and Paholaislentaejaet), Paramount, 1990.

Minister, What about Bob? (also known as Co jest z Bobem?, Comment ca va Bob?, Entaes Bob?, Hur maar Bob, Isten nem ver Bobbal, Ma kore im Bob?, Nosso querido Bob, Que pasa con Bob?, Quoi de neuf Bob?, Tutte le manie di Bob, and Was ist mit Bob?), Buena Vista, 1991.

Detective, Clifford (also known as Jurassic Boy, Clifford—Das kleine Scheusal, and Ma chi me l'ha fatto fare), Orion, 1994.

Hospital doctor, Species (also known as A experiencia, De vrouwelijke mutant, Especes, Especie mortal, Especies, La mutante, Peto, Specie mortal, Species: especie mortal, Species—hotet fraan rymden, Specii, Tehlikeli tuer, and Tuja vrsta), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1995.

Mel Laird, Nixon (also known as Gli intrighi del potere and Nixon—Der Untergang eines Praesidenten), Buena Vista, 1995.

Senator Greenspan, Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace (also known as Lawnmower Man 2: Jobe's War, Der Rasenmaehermann 2—Beyond Cyberspace, El cortador de cesped II: mas alla del ciberespacio, Graesklipparmannen 2, Il tagliaerbe 2:the cyberspace, Kosiarz umyslow 2: Ponad cyberprzestrzenia, Le cobaye 2, and Le cobaye 2: Cyberspace), New Line Cinema, 1996.

Judge, Touch (also known as Les mains de Dieu, Milagres por encomenda, Tocat, Touch—Der Typ mit den magischen Haenden, and Touch—kosketus), United Artists, 1997.

Mr. Haus, Eat Your Heart Out (also known as American Shrimps), First Look Pictures Releasing, 1997.

Murdstone, 'Til There Was You (also known as Ate tu apareceres …, Ha-Dereh el Ha-Osher, Hasta que te encontre, Idoeszamitasom eloett, L'amour de ma vie, Si on s'aimait, Solo se ilm destino, and Zwei Singles in L.A.), Paramount, 1997.

Father, Ted, Chronic Filmwerks, 1998.

Mr. Van Dough, Richie Rich's Christmas Wish (also known as Richie Rich: A Christmas Story, Richi Richs jul, and Un souhait pour Noel), Warner Home Video, 1998.

Johnson Heyward, Being John Malkovich (also known as A John Malkovich menet, Como ser John Malkovich, Dans la peau de John Malkovich, Elaemaeni John Malkovichina, Essere John Malkovich, I huvudet paa John Malkovich, In mintea lui John Malkovich, Malkovich no ana, Queres ser John Malkovich?, Quero ser John Malkovich, Quieres ser John Malkovich?, and Sto myalo tou John Malkovich), USA Films, 1999.

Captain, 3 Strikes (also known as Dreimal ist einmal zu viel, 3 vezes em apuros, and Tres delitos), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 2000.

Dr. Westworth and Dr. Edwards, Psycho Beach Party (also known as Verano bizarro), Strand Releasing/CinemaVault Releasing, 2000.

Mr. Meyerson, Moonlight Mile (also known as Baby's in Black, Goodbye Hello, El compromiso, La vida continua, Moonlight mile—surun tie, Moonlight mile—Voglia di ricominciare, and Vida que segue), Buena Vista, 2002.

Mr. Peterson, The Girl next Door (also known as Girl next Door, La chica de al lado, La fille d'a cote, La ragazza della porta accanto, La vecina de al lado, Naabermaja pornostaar, Naegen neomu ajjilhan geunyeo, Sexbomba od vedle, Um show de vizinha, and Unelmien naapuri), Twentieth Century-Fox, 2004.

Eli, Shopgirl (also known as Chica de mostrador, Ena koritsi gia dyo, and Garota da vitrine), Buena Vista, 2005.

Alford "Rip" Van Ronkel, Hollywoodland (also known as Truth, Justice, and the American Way, Untitled George Reeves Project, Die Hollywood-Verschworueng, Hollywoodland—Bastidores da fama, Hollywoodland—Misterio y muerte detras de camas, and Sta adyta tou Hollywood), Focus Features, 2006.

Pastor Mark, Midnight Clear, Jenkins Entertainment, c. 2007.

Dean Carpenter, Halloween (also known as Hall9ween, Halloween 9, Halloween: Retribution, Trick or Treat, and Untitled Rob Zombie Halloween Project), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 2007.

Dick Houston, Adventures of Power, SpaceTime Films, 2007.

Stage Appearances:

Roscoe Dexter, Singin' in the Rain (musical), Gershwin Theatre, New York City, 1985.

Solness, The Master Builder, Pacific Resident Theatre, Venice, CA, beginning 1998.

Also appeared in other productions, including Henry V, Kind Lady, Rites of Passage, and Sherlock Holmes, all New York City productions.