Fanchi, John R(ichard) 1952-

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FANCHI, John R(ichard) 1952-

PERSONAL: Born November 17, 1952, in Pontiac, IL; son of John Anton (a printer) and Shirley Mae (a homemaker; maiden name, Andersen) Fanchi; married Katherine Frances Goedecke, August 22, 1976; children: Anthony Clifford, Christopher John. Education: University of Denver, B.S. (physics), 1974; University of Mississippi, M.S., 1975; University of Houston, Ph.D. (theoretical physics), 1977.

ADDRESSES: Home—180 Eagle Dr., Golden, CO 80403. Office—Department of Petroleum Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO 80401. E-mail—[email protected].

CAREER: Writer and educator. Worked as a reservoir management expert in North Sea, Persian Gulf, Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, and elsewhere; employed by Marathon Oil Company, Cities Service, and Getty Oil, Inc. in technology centers; Colorado School of Mines, Golden, professor of petroleum engineering; technology consultant. Principal creator, U.S. Department of Energy BOAST and BOAST II simulators; designer of computer software. Fanchi Enterprises, co-owner. Vice president of board of trustees, Littleton (CO) Public Schools, 1993-95.

MEMBER: International Association for Relativistic Dynamics (president).


Parametrized Relativistic Quantum Theory, Kluwer Academic (Hingham, MA), 1993.

Principles of Applied Reservoir Simulation, Gulf Publishing (Houston, TX), 1997, 2nd edition, Butterworth-Heinemann (Boston, MA), 2001.

Math Refresher for Scientists and Engineers, Wiley (New York, NY), 1997, 2nd edition, 2000.

Integrated Flow Modeling, Elsevier (Amsterdam, Netherlands), 2000.

Flashpoint: Sakhalin (fiction), Access FE Publishers (Golden, CO), 2001.

Shared Earth Modeling, Butterworth-Heinemann (Boston, MA), 2002.

Contributor to professional journals.

WORK IN PROGRESS: Energy in the Twenty-first Century: The Science, Origin, Technology, and Future of Energy; independent research into relativistic quantum theory.

SIDELIGHTS: John R. Fanchi once told CA: "The books I have written appear to be quite diverse, yet they are in fact part of my effort to understand the reality of nature. I have sought truth in every realm that I have encountered, ranging from academia to industry to public service. This search, which often feels like a Quixotic quest, has become a lifelong endeavor.

"I have found that truth is a precious commodity that many believe should be hoarded or distorted for personal gain. Publishing is a means of disseminating a perspective that can help others in their search for understanding in a complex world. The beauty of publishing is the opportunity it gives me to communicate the lessons I have learned during my quest.

"Authorship can provide tangible rewards, but I have found the intangible rewards to be much more rewarding. I have been able to communicate with others in both space and time. Authorship is like teaching: you can touch the future.

"My work is not yet done. More than twenty years ago I wrote a manuscript about a search for truth that predated the explosion of titles on the subject of universal creation and the evolution of life. I was in my early twenties and an unwelcome challenger of the status quo. Today, publishing gives me an opportunity to participate in the debate.

"The issues that appeal to me are contentious, but they are also the issues in life that matter. My publications represent my engagement in activities that are important and intellectually stimulating. They embody my effort to contribute to humanity's store of knowledge for the good of future generations."



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