Fane, Julian

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FANE, Julian

FANE, Julian. British, b. 1927. Genres: Novels. Career: Royal Society of Literature, fellow, 1974; contributor to newspapers, magazines, etc. Publications: Morning; A Letter; Memoir in the Middle of the Journey; Gabriel Young; Tug-of-War; Hounds of Spring, 1976; Happy Endings, 1979; Revolution Island, 1979; Gentleman's Gentleman, 1981; Memories of My Mother, 1987; Rules of Life, 1987; Cautionary Tales for Women, 1988; Hope Cottage, 1990; Best Friends, 1990; Small Change, 1992; Eleanor, 1993; The Duchess of Castile, 1994; His Christmas Box, 1995; Money Matters, 1996; The Social Comedy, 1998; Evening, 1999; Tales of Love and War, 2002; Byron's Diary, 2003; The Stepmother, 2003. OTHER: The Collected Works of Julian Fane, 5 vols.; The Harlequin Editions (15 small books). Address: Rotten Row House, Lewes, Sussex BN7 1TN, England.