Lara, Agustín (1900–1970)

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Lara, Agustín (1900–1970)

Agustín Lara (b. 30 October 1900; d. 6 November 1970), renowned Mexican composer of popular songs. Lara was born in Tlacotalpan, Veracruz. He began composing in the mid-1920s, when the regional music of Mexico had not yet become popular, and joined Radio XEW with his own program, "Hora Azul" (Blue Hour), on which he showcased his own compositions, often playing them on the piano. He wrote almost 600 songs, mostly in the International Latin style, including "Farolito," "Enamorada," "Mujer," "Cada noche un amor," and "Solamente una vez" ("You Belong to My Heart"), which achieved global fame. His choice to use an international rather than native Mexican styles brought extensive criticism from many Mexican musicians, scholars, and critics, who regarded his work as not truly Mexican. The song "Granada" became so popular in Europe and the Americas that he received honorary Spanish citizenship.

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