Jaramillo Levi, Enrique (1944–)

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Jaramillo Levi, Enrique (1944–)

Enrique Jaramillo Levi, the Panamanian writer, dramatist, and editor, was born in Colón. He attended La Salle High School and in 1967 received a degree in English from the University of Panama. He earned master's degrees in creative writing (1969) and Latin American literature (1970) from the University of Iowa. In 1973, on a scholarship from the Center for Mexican Writers, he traveled to Mexico, where during the next twelve years he taught at Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, founded the publishing company Editorial Signos, and published several books, articles, poems, and anthologies. From 1987 to 1990 he was a Fulbright scholar in the United States and also published the anthology When New Flowers Bloomed: Short Stories by Women Writers from Costa Rica and Panama (1991). Jaramillo Levi was the first Panamanian to publish a book of stories in the United States and in Spain. Some of his many published works include Duplicaciones (Duplications, 1973), Fugas y engranjes, 1978–1980 (Flights and Gears, 1982), Caracol yotros cuentos (Snail and Other Stories, 1998), Senderos retorcidos (Cuentos Selectos: 1968–1998), Twisted Footsteps: Selected Stories, 2001, Luminoso tiempo gris (Luminous Gray Time, 2002), and Echar raíces (To Take Root, 2003).

Aside from enriching the innovative literary tradition started by fellow Panamanian writer Rogelio Sinán (b. 1904), Jaramillo Levi's writings have opened new avenues of expression, with emphasis on universality and aesthetic experimentation. He has received many literary prizes. Now living in Panama, he continues to serve as editor of the magazine Maga, which he founded in 1984, and as director of Editorial Universitaria.

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