Fredonia, Republic of

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Fredonia, Republic of

Republic of Fredonia (a.k.a. Fredonian Rebellion), brief revolt by Anglo-American adventurers in East Texas that took place from December 1826 to January 1827. Land speculator Haden Edwards antagonized settlers when he claimed that those who could not prove ownership of their land had to pay him for it under terms of his 1825 contract with the Mexican government. Settler protests led the government to revoke the contract and order his expulsion. On 16 December 1826, during Edwards's absence from Texas, his brother Benjamin led about thirty armed men into Nacogdoches and proclaimed the Republic of Fredonia. Unable to muster support from local Cherokees and Anglo-Americans, the group fled to the United States on the approach of Mexican military forces. The incident heightened Mexican government unease with continued Anglo-American immigration.

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Fredonia, Republic of

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