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Dennis Abrams, Jay-Z. New York: Chelsea House, 2007. An exploration of Jay-Z's rise from the streets of New York to the head of a recording company.

James Hooper, Chris Brown. Broomall, PA: Mason Crest, 2007.

The story of Chris Brown's remarkable breakthrough into the music scene as a young teen and his subsequent career accomplishments. Heidi Krumenauer, Rihanna. Hockessin, DE: Mitchell Lane, 2008. A short biography of Rihanna's life from her discovery to her third album release.

Internet Sources

Cosmopolitan, “Rihanna Reigns,” March 2008. Information on Rihanna's persona change, love life, and career are covered by this article.

Dorian Lynskey, “Sweetness and Steel,” Guardian, May 23, 2008. A newspaper article about Rihanna on the set of the video shoot for “If I Never See Your Face Again.” Reveals details of her past, her busy lifestyle, and the Bajan reaction to her fame.

Monsters & Critics, “Rihanna—Musicians,” 2008. A database of articles, photos, and biographical information about Rihanna.

People, “Celebrity Central: Rihanna,” 2008. The latest news on Rihanna from People magazine includes a timeline of all of her major accomplishments, her biography, recent photos, breaking news, and an archive of previous articles., “Rihanna,” 2008. A series of photos from Rihanna's major public appearances, with a short biography and facts about Rihanna's life.

Linda Wells, “Rihanna Lets Down Her Guard,” Allure, January 2008. This article offers candid shots and information about Rihanna's life and interests. The Web site contains a behind-the-scenes look at Rihanna prepping for her cover shoot.

Web Sites

Official Rihanna Web SitesBelieve Foundation ( This is the official Web site for Rihanna's charity.

Def Jam ( Type in Rihanna's name for information on her latest releases, tours, and awards.

MySpace: Rihanna ( Rihanna's MySpace page provides photos, music and ringtone down-loads, a blog, and a message board.

Rihanna ( This is Rihanna's official Web site, with news, tour dates, information, and her products for sale.

FanzinesRihanna ( This site bills itself as the biggest Rihanna fan site around. It has a frequently updated blog with information on Rihanna's appearances, endorsements, music, and videos.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty ( This tribute to Rihanna contains news and updates, photos, biographical information, quotes, and message boards. It has a Barbados emphasis and flavor.

Ultimate Rihanna ( This site contains news, a photo gallery, message boards, and answers to fans' questions.

Additional Web ResourcesContactmusic ( Enter Rihanna's name at this site for audio and video clips, stories, pictures, and music reviews.

Entertainment Weekly ( Find news and current articles about Rihanna by typing in her name at this site.

ETonline ( A search for Rihanna's name brings up photos and news stories at this Web site.

Internet Movie Database ( Search for Rihanna to find a list of her soundtracks and movie credits as well as news articles and a brief biography.

Last.FM ( At this site, type in Rihanna's name to play videos, download music, and access information on upcoming events.

People ( At People magazine's Web site, search for Rihanna to find the latest celebrity news and photos of her and her friends. ( Learn about Rihanna's television appearances by searching under her name on this site. It also includes a brief biography.

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