For One More Day

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For One More Day ★½ Oprah Winfrey Presents: Mitch Albom's For One More Day 2007

As the sap rises. Chick Benetto (Imperioli) is a washed-up baseball player turned alcoholic who's made such a mess of his life that he's suicidal. Suddenly, Chick's dead mom Posey (Burstyn) shows up and leads Chick on a trip down memory lane to show him that he can still turn his life around. A weepie family drama adapted from Albom's novel. 92m/C DVD . Michael Imperioli, Ellen Burstyn, Samantha Mathis, Alice Drummond, Vadim Imperioli, Scott Cohen, Emily Wickersham; D: Lloyd Kramer; W: Mitch Albom; C: Tami Reiker; M: Lennie Niehaus. TV