For Ever Mozart

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For Ever Mozart ★★ 1996

Godard's film puzzle makes references to literature, music, and cinema itself without making any particular sense. Veteran film director Vicky Vitalis (Messica) agrees to help his daughter Camille (Assas) stage a comedic play by Alfred de Musset in Sarajevo, in order to cheer up its war-tired residents. This doesn't go well, but the director has already abandoned the project to return to his latest film idea, which also turns out to be a disaster. French with subtitles. 85m/C VHS . FR SI Vicky Messica, Madeleine Assas, Frederic Pierrot, Ghalia Lacroix; D: Jean-Luc Godard; W: Jean-Luc Godard; C: Christophe Pollock.