For a Lost Soldier

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For a Lost Soldier ★★ Voor een Verloren Soldaat 1993

Middle-aged Dutch choreorapher Jeroen (Krabbe), working on a piece about the Allied liberation, recalls his relationship with a Canadian soldier more than 40 years before. During WWII, the 13-year-old Jeroen (Smit) is sent from Amsterdam to live in the country with a foster family. With the first twinges of puberty and sexuality he longs for a special friend, whom he finds in Walt (Kelley), a young gay Canadian soldier who is part of the Allied liberation forces. Very provocative subject, delicately handled, without any implication of child abuse. In English and Dutch with subtitles. 92m/C VHS, DVD . NL Marten Smit, Andrew Kelley, Jeroen Krabbe, Feark Smink, Elsje de Wijn, Derk-Jan Kroon; D: Roeland Kerbosch; W: Roeland Kerbosch; C: Nils Post; M: Joop Stokkermans.