For Which He Stands

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For Which He Stands ★★ 1998

Johnny Rochetti (Forsythe) is a popular Vegas club owner with a loving wife (Alon-so) and child. Then his life comes undone one night when he protects a young woman and kills her attacker in the process. Although vindicated by the cops, Johnny finds his troubles are just beginning when he learns the dead man was the brother of a Columbian druglord (Davi). Johnny's wife and child are taken hostage in order to force a deadly showdown between the two men. 94m/C VHS . William Forsythe, Robert Davi, Maria Conchita Alonso, Ernie Hudson, John Ashton, Robert Costanzo, Ed Lauter, Jose Zuniga, Robert Miranda, Anthony John (Tony) Denison, Ed McMahon; D: Nelson McCormick; W: Gianni Russo, Nelson McCormick; C: Larry Blanford. VIDEO