Caulfield, Maxwell 1959- (Maxwell Caufield)

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Caulfield, Maxwell 1959- (Maxwell Caufield)


Original name, Maxwell Maclaine; born November 23, 1959, in Glasgow, Scotland; son of Peter Nelby and Oriole Maclaine; married Juliet Mills (an actress), December 2, 1980; stepchildren: Sean Alquist, Mellisa (an actress).


Agent—Cunningham, Escott, Dipene and Associates, 10635 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 140, Los Angeles, CA 90025.


Actor. Began career in show business as a nude dancer at Windmill Theatre, London, England.


Screen Actors Guild, Actors' Equity Association (U.S. and England).

Awards, Honors:

Theatre World Award, 1979, for Class Enemy.


Film Appearances:

Michael Carrington, Grease 2, Paramount, 1982.

Bill, Electric Dreams, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1984.

Roy Alston, The Boys Next Door (also known as Big Shots), New World, 1985.

Private Ray Ellis, The Supernaturals, Republic, 1987.

Eric Garrison, Mind Games, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1989.

George Abbott, Project: Alien (also known as Fatal Sky and No Cause for Alarm), ITC, 1990.

Joe Moore, Exiled in America (also known as Exiled), 1990.

Shane, Sundown (also known as Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat), Vestron, 1991.

Szalona ambicja (also known as Crazy Ambition), 1991.

Shaughnessy, Dance with Death, 1991.

Mickey, Waxwork II: Lost in Time (also known as Lost in Time and Space Shift: Waxwork II), 1992.

Garland, Midnight Witness (also known as Maximum Force 2), 1992.

David Cole, Animal Instincts, 1992.

William Robert Sloan, No Escape, No Return, 1993.

Victor Brandt, In a Moment of Passion (also known as Europejska noc and In der Haut des Killers), 1993.

Colonel Strong Vincent, Gettysburg, New Line Cinema, 1993.

Man in bathrobe, Calendar Girl, Sony Pictures Releasing, 1993.

Nick, Alien Intruder, 1993.

Adam Cestare, Inevitable Grace, Silverstar Productions, 1994.

Rex Manning, Empire Records (also known as Empire and Rock and Fun), Warner Bros., 1995.

Voice of Alistair Smythe, Spider-Man: Sins of the Fathers (animated), New World Entertainment, 1996.

Derek Leigh, Prey of the Jaguar, Jfw Productions, 1996.

Sweeney, Oblivion 2: Backlash (also known as Backlash: Oblivion 2), Full Moon, 1996.

Bob, The Real Blonde, Paramount, 1997.

British agent, The Man Who Knew Too Little (also known as Agent Null Null Nix and Agent Null Null Nix—Bill Murray in hirnloser mission), Warner Bros., 1997.

Jeff Thompson, Divine Lovers, 1997.

Smut, 1999.

Barry Gordon, More to Love, 1999.

Tom, Dazzle, 1999.

Daniel Summer, The Perfect Tenant, Trimark Pictures, 2000.

Agent Jim Carpenter, Submerged (also known as Destination: Impact), New City Releasing, 2000.

Mark Connor, Overnight Sensation, 2000.

Harlan Moss, Facing the Enemy, World International Network, 2001.

Keith, The Hit, Lietuvos Kinostudija, 2001.

Tom, Dog Lover's Symphony, Tehito Films/Tiger Ad Productions, 2006.

Narrator, Hannari—Geisha Modern, 2006.

Alex Mcdowell, Dreamcity, L&P Productions, 2007.

Film Work:

Associate producer, Facing the Enemy, World International Network, 2001.

Television Appearances; Series:

Miles Colby, a recurring role, Dynasty, ABC, 1985-86.

Miles Andrew Colby, The Colbys (also known as Dynasty II: The Colbys), 1985-87.

Voice of Alistair Smythe, Spider-Man (animated), 1995-97.

Pierce Riley, a recurring role, All My Children (also known as AMC), ABC, 1996-97.

Rafe Barrett, Strip Mall, Comedy Central, 2000-2001.

Jim Brodie, Casualty, BBC1, 2003-2004.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Alain Marais, Till We Meet Again (also known as Judith Krantz's "Till We Meet Again"), CBS, 1989.

Miles Colby, Dynasty: The Reunion, 1991.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Jeff, The Parade (also known as Hit Parade), CBS, 1984.

Phil Serulla, Blue Bayou (also known as Orleans), NBC, 1990.

Ian Levin, The Rockford Files: Godfather Knows Best, 1996.

Stuart, Missing Pieces, CBS, 2000.

Silas, Dragon Storm, Sci-Fi Channel, 2004.

Griffin, Cry of the Winged Serpent, Sci-Fi Channel, 2006.

Mayor Schmitz, The Great San Francisco Earthquake, Channel 4, 2006.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Captain Stanhope, Journey's End, 1983.

"Hayley Mills: Seeing Double," Biography, Arts and Entertainment, 1999.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Jason Croft, Beverly Hills, 90210, Fox, 1990.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Scotty Ferguson, "Starr Knight," The Powers of Matthew Star, 1983.

Alex Morrison, "Pitfalls," Hotel (also known as Arthur Hailey's "Hotel"), 1987.

Roger Travis, "J. B. As in Jailbird," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1988.

Jason Croft, "Class of Beverly Hills," Beverly Hills, 90210, Fox, 1990.

"Cellmates," Monsters, 1990.

Van Gelder, "Regal Connection," Counterstrike (also known as Force de frappe), 1990.

Derek Padley, "From the Horse's Mouth," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1991.

Andrew Strauss/David Lewis, "Return Engagement: Part 1," Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, CBS, 1994.

Himself, "Crossing the Line," Sirens, 1994.

David Lewis, "Ready or Not," Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, CBS, 1995.

"The Boy General," The Lazarus Man, 1996.

(As Maxwell Caufield) Tony Berelli, "The Maya Connection," Mike Hammer, Private Eye, 1998.

Brian, "Veronica's Bridal Shower," Veronica's Closet, NBC, 1998.

Armand, "True Course," The Love Boat: The Next Wave, 1998.

Rodney, "The Fran in the Mirror," The Nanny, CBS, 1999.

Helmut Volker, "Man in the Middle," La Femme Nikita (also known as Nikita), USA Network, 2000.

Helmut Volker, "Love, Honor and Cherish," La Femme Nikita (also known as Nikita), USA Network, 2000.

Stevens, "A Star Is Boned," Son of the Beach, FX Network, 2000.

Jim Brodie, "Casualty @ Holby City: Part Two," Holby City (also known as Holby), BBC, 2004.

The Paul O'Grady Show (also known as The New Paul O'Grady Show), ITV, 2004.

GMTV, ITV, 2004.

Stage Appearances:

(New York debut) Demetrius, Hot Rock Hotel, Truck and Warehouse Theatre, New York City, 1978.

Cuthbert and understudy for Derek, Once a Catholic, Helen Hayes Theatre, New York City, 1979.

Iron (Herron), Class Enemy, Players Theatre, New York City, 1979.

Ralph, Hitting Town, Zephyr Theatre, Los Angeles, 1980.

Frazer, Crimes and Dreams, Theatre Four, New York City, 1980.

Sloane, Entertaining Mr. Sloane, Westside Mainstage Theatre and Cherry Lane Theatre, New York City, 1981-82, later Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles, 1987.

Peter, Salonika, New York Shakespeare Festival, Anspacher Theatre, Public Theatre, New York City, 1985.

Dennis, Loot, Mark Taper Forum, 1987.

Richard Loeb, Never the Sinner, Citadel Theatre, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 1991.

Gerald Croft, An Inspector Calls, Royale Theatre, New York City, 1995.

Chance Wayne, Sweet Bird of Youth, Williamstown Theatre Festival, Williamstown, MA, 1995.

John, My Night with Reg, Intar Hispanic American Theatre, New York City, 1997.

Duchotel, He Hunts, Geffen Playhouse, Westwood, CA, 2002.

George Love, Tryst, Promenade Theatre, New York City, 2006.

Harry Hawk, Our Leading Lady, Manhattan Theatre Club Stage II, New York City, 2007.

In the 1980s appeared as Horace, The Inheritors, Mirror Repertory Company, Real Theatre, Theatre at St. Peter's Church, New York City; as Captain Stanhope, Journey's End, Cast Theatre, Los Angeles; as Winston Smith, 1984, Cast Theatre; and as Ben Gordon, Paradise Lost, Mirror Repertory Company, Real Theatre, Theatre at St. Peters Church.

Major Tours:

John Merrick, The Elephant Man, Florida cities, c. 1980.

Milo Tindle, Sleuth, U.S. cities, 1988.


Video Games:

Voice of James Bond, 007: Nightfire, Electronic Arts, 2002.

Audio Books:

(With Marina Sirtis) Griffin and Sabine: An Extraordinary Correspondence, Publishing Mills, 1993.

Enduring Love, Publishing Mills, 1998.



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