Caulfield, Carlota

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CAULFIELD, Carlota. American (born Cuba), b. 1953. Genres: Poetry. Career: Cuban Ministry of Culture, Havana, educator and researcher, 1975-80; Spanish tutor, 1981; San Francisco State University, San Francisco, lecturer, 1983-85; Ediciones el gato tuerto, editor and publisher, 1984; founding editor, El gato tuerto (literary journal), San Francisco, 1984-90. Publications: POETRY: Palabra Solar, plaquette No. 6 (in Spanish), 1982; (and trans. with C. Allen) Fanaim (in English and Spanish), 1984; Oscuridad divina, 1985; (and trans. with C. Allen) Sometimes I Call Myself Childhood/A veces me llamo infancia (in English and Spanish), 1985; El tiempo es una mujer que espera, 1986; Thirty-fourth Street and Other Poems, 1987; Oscuridad divina, 1987; Angel Dust/Polvo de Angel/Polvo D'Angelo (in Spanish, English, and Italian), 1990; Visual Games for Words and Sounds (hyperpoems; on Macintosh diskette), 1993; Libro de los XXXIX escalones/Libro dei XXXIX gradini (in Spanish and Italian), 39 vols, 1995; Estrofas de papel, barro y tinta (plaquette), 1995; Book of the XXXIX Steps: a Poetry Game of Discovery and Imagination (hyperbook; on Macintosh diskette), 1995; A las puertas del papel con amoroso fuego (title means: At the Gates of the Paper with Burning Desire), 1996. EDITOR: Rosa Luxemburgo, 1977; Los socialistas anteriores a Marx, 3 vols, 1978; Pablo Lafargue, 1979; (with M.A. Zapata) Literary and Cultural Journeys: Selected Letters to Arturo Torres-Rioseco, 1995. OTHER: Author of columns Resenas, in Tiempo Latino, 1992-95, and Entrevistas (interviews), in Tiempo Latino and ElBohemio News, 1992-96. Contributor of book reviews to Lateral (Barcelona), 1995-. Contributor to anthologies. Contributor of poetry, essays, and book reviews to periodicals. Address: 1401 Pine St., New Orleans, LA 70118, U.S.A.