Caught Up

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Caught Up ★★ 1998 (R)

Directorial debut for Darin Scott follows the luckless path of ex-con Daryl (Woodbine). After serving five years as an unwitting accomplice to a bank robbery, he meets Vanessa (Williams) who is a dead ringer for his ex-girlfriend. She gets him a job as a limo driver that caters to thugs and gangsters. Unfortunately for Daryl, Vanessa has stolen some diamonds from a Rastafarian, so Daryl gets tangled up violence and deceit. He is also tangled in a plot that twists and turns a little too much for its own good. Director Scott tries a few too many fancy tricks, although some of them work reasonably well. Cameos from Snoop Doggy Dog and LL Cool J. 95m/C VHS, DVD . Bokeem Woodbine, Cynda Williams, Snoop Dogg, Joseph Lindsey, Clifton Powell, Basil Wallace, Tony Todd, LL Cool J, Jeffrey Combs, Damon Saleem, Shedric Hunter Jr.; D: Darin Scott; W: Darin Scott; C: Thomas Callaway; M: Marc Bonilla.