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Vingboons, or Vinckeboons, Philip(pu)s (1607/8–78). Dutch domestic architect who is known primarily from two volumes of his works published in 1648 and 1674 which proved influential, notably in England. He adapted a Classical vocabulary to tall narrow façades on the Amsterdam canals, using pediments, scrolls, and sparing decoration to great effect. Typical of his work are 168 Herengracht (1638), 319 Keizersgracht (1639), and 364–70 Herengracht (1662), all in Amsterdam. His brother Justus ( Joost) Vingboons (fl. 1650–70) designed the handsome Trippenhuis, Amsterdam (1660–2), with a Giant Order of pilasters rising 2½ storeys. He completed Jean de la Vallée's Riddarhus (House of the Nobility), Stockholm (c.1641–74), with a Giant Order reminiscent of Dutch Palladianism.


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