Prisse d'Avennes, Achille-Constant-Théodore-Émile

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Prisse d'Avennes, Achille-Constant-Théodore-Émile (1807–79). French artist, designer, and engineer. His publications include Les Monuments Égyptiens (The Egyptian Monuments—1847) and L'Histoire de l'Art Égyptien, d'apres les Monuments (History of Egyptian Art, after the Monuments—1878–9), the latter a sumptuous two-volume set illustrated with chromo-litho-graphs. He also published L'Art Arabe d'après les monuments de Caire (Arab Art after the Monuments of Cairo—1869–77), a scholarly work that is still a marvellous source for Islamic decorations, and which influenced Burges when designing the Arab Hall, Cardiff Castle, Wales (1881).


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