Monteiro, José Luis

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Monteiro, José Luis (1849–1942). Portuguese architect. He studied under Pascal and worked on the reconstruction of the Hôtel de Ville, Paris (1874–8), before establishing himself in Lisbon, where he designed several public buildings much influenced by developments in France. His works include the Rocío Central Railway Station (1886–7—with a Manueline Revival façade), the Hotel Palace (1890–2), the Liceu Central (1887), and the Church of the Angels (1908–11). His architectural styles were eclectic, including Neo-Classicism, French Second Empire, and even English Arts-and-Crafts (the latter especially for his private houses). He used metal for the interior of the Railway Station and the Sala de Portugal, Sociedade de Geografia, Lisbon (1897). He was Professor of Architecture, Escola de Belas Letras, Lisbon (1881–1920), and therefore an influence on later Portuguese architects.


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Monteiro, José Luis

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