Monteiro, Tobias do Rêgo (1866–1952)

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Monteiro, Tobias do Rêgo (1866–1952)

Tobias do Rêgo Monteiro (b. 29 July 1866; d. 3 August 1952), Brazilian historian. Born in Natal, Monteiro abandoned studies at Rio's Faculdade de Medicina in 1889 for journalism and key bureaucratic sinecures in the 1890s. He became an editor of the Jornal do Commércio (1894–1907), where he championed the emergent Paulista republicans at the century's turn. He also served as President Manuel Ferraz de Campos Sales's secretary and apologist. His public life was crowned by election as a senator for Rio Grande do Norte (1920–1922). He began publishing history in 1913, studying the monarchy's decline; he is celebrated, however, for his work on the early monarchy. He remains noteworthy for his use of primary sources and his research in Brazilian and European archives.

See alsoCampos Sales, Manuel Ferraz de; Rio Grande do Norte.


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Monteiro, Tobias do Rêgo (1866–1952)

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