Huyssens, Peter

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Huyssens, Peter (1577–1637). Flemish architect and Jesuit. He designed (1606–13) the Church and other buildings for the Jesuit College at Maastricht, and completed (1617–22) the Church of St Carolus Borromeus, Antwerp, after Aguilonius's death. He prepared designs for two more churches: St Walburga, Brugge (Bruges), 1619, and St-Loup, Namur, 1621, both unfinished when Huyssens died. Following a study-visit to Italy (1626–7), he designed the building that is now St-Pieterskerk, Gent (Ghent), begun 1629, the choir of which was influenced by Roman exemplars. The building, completed in C18, was not fully realized in accordance with his plans.


Petra Maclot ;
Jane Turner (1996)