Ḥuẓpit Ha-Meturgeman

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ḤUẒPIT HA-METURGEMAN (beginning of the second century c.e.), tanna. R. Ḥuẓpit (without the term "Ha-Meturgeman") transmitted a halakhah regarding the institution of the pruzbul (Shev. 10:6; Tosef. Shev. 8:10), and is mentioned in Tosef. Kelim (bb 2:2) as one of the four elders who sat before R. Eleazar ben Azaria. tj In (Taan. 4:1 16d) R. Huzpit Haturgeman (= "the translator"), is mentioned in the presence of R. Joshua and Rabban Gamaliel, but it is not certain whether his function there was to serve as Rabban Gamaliel's assistant, or to communicate his own words of Torah (cf. tb Ber. 27b, Bekh. 36a). The Talmud tells of his martyrdom in Kid. 39b. Elsewhere (Ḥul.142a) his martyrdom is brought as a reason for the apostasy of *Elisha b. Avuyah. He is included in the list of the *Ten Martyrs in Lamentations Rabbah 2.


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