Hvoslef(real name, Saeverud), Ketil

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Hvoslef(real name, Saeverud), Ketil

Hvoslef(real name, Saeverud), Ketil, Norwegian composer, son of Harald Saeverud; b. Fana, near Bergen, July 19, 1939. He took his mother’s maiden name in 1980. He studied piano with Thomas Rayna in London (1961) and took an organ diploma at the Bergen Cons. (1962); he then studied composition with Blomdahl and Lidholm in Stockholm, Jersild in Copenhagen, and Lazaroff in London. From 1963 to 1979 he was on the faculty of the Bergen Cons. After a period of hesitant serialism, he evolved a “motivic assimilation technique,” wherein a central motif influences all the other thematic material in the manner of a theme with variations.


dramatic: Opera: The Ballad of Narcissus and Echo (1981); Dode Sardiner (1986-87); Trio for Treuen; Acotral (1987). O t h e r: Much incidental music. ORCH.: Sinfonietta (1963); Piano Concertino (1964); Trumpet Concerto (1968-69; Bergen, April 22, 1972); Mi-Fi-Li, symphonic poem (Oslo, Sept. 4, 1972); Double Bass Concerto (1973); 2 cello concertos (1976-87; 1990-91); Variations for Chamber Orch. (1976); Double Concerto for Flute, Guitar, and Strings (1977); Concertino (Trondheim, Sept. 20, 1979); Concerto for Bassoon and Strings (1979); Suite for School Orch. (1980); Antigone, symphonic variations (1981–82); Air (1983); II Compleanno (Bergen, Oct. 8, 1985); Violin Concerto (1988–89). CHAMBER: Clarinet Quartet (1962); Wind Quintet (1964); Suite for Guitar (1966); Ariseturo, concerto for Percussion and 8 Wind Instruments (1966); Duets for Bassoons (1966); 2 string quartets (1969, 1973); Flauto Solo (1970); Tromba Solo (1971); Kim for 4 Crum-horns, 4 Recorders, Bass Gamba, and Percussion (1975); Trio for Oboe, Violin, and Percussion (1978); Octet for Flutes (1978); Brass for 13 Brass Instruments (1978); Violino Solo (1980); Post, sextet (1980); Duodu for Violin and Viola (1982); Erkejubel for 2 Trumpets, 2 Trombones, Synthesizer, and Percussion (1982); Quintet for Clarinet and String Quartet (1983); Rikstrio for Flute, Violin, and Synthesizer (1984); Scheherazade Carries on With Her Story for Violin and Harp (1986); Sextet for Flute and 5 Percussion (1988); Fratnenti di Roma for Oboe, Clarinet, and Bassoon (1988); Kirkeduo for Guitar and Organ (1988). keyboard: pianoRondo con variazioni (1970); Beethoven Fantasy (1982). organ:Variations (1972); Organo Solo (1974); Easter Variations (1986); Toccata: Fontana dell’Organo, Villa d’Esté (1988). VOCAL: So einsam ist der Mensch for Chorus or Vocal Quartet, after Nelly Sachs (1970); Or “Havamal” (Sayings of the High One), cantata for Chorus and Orch. (1971; rev. 1974); Kvartoni for Voice, Recorder, Guitar, and Piano (1974); Trio for Soprano, Alto, and Piano (1974); Collage in Black/White with Red for Baritone Narration, Violin, Guitar, Clarinet, and Percussion (1975); Concerto for Chorus and Orch. (1977); Spillemaend (Fiddlers) for Chorus, Hardanger Fiddle, and Organ (1980); Dano Tiore, quintet for Soprano, Violin, Viola, Cello, and Harpsichord (1985); Entrata Bergensis for Chorus, Tape, and Orch. (1989).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire