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Gondoin or Gondouin, Jacques (1737–1818). French architect. Trained under J. -F. Blondel, he designed the École de Chirurgie (now École de Médecine), Paris (1769–75), one of the most important and influential buildings of French Neo-Classicism. It has an Ionic colonnade on the street elevation with a triumphal arch in the centre leading to a court off which is a semicircular top-lit anatomy-theatre roofed with a coffered hemi-dome resembling that of the Pantheon, Rome. The severe Antique character of the theatre was the precedent for the Chamber of Deputies, Paris (1795–7), and for aspects of Latrobe's interiors in the Capitol, Washington, DC. With Jean-Baptiste Lepère (1761–1844) he designed the Colonne Vendôme, Paris (1806–10), based on Antonine and Trajanic exemplars.


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