Göndör, Ferenc

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GÖNDÖR, FERENC (1928– ), Holocaust survivor and memoirist. Göndör waited 30 years before committing the story of his early life to paper in A 6171; Ett judiskt levnadsöde ("A 6171: The Story of a Jew," 1984). In it he describes his idyllic childhood in a small town in Hungary and his internment as a 16-year-old in Auschwitz. The book was later made into a film. In 1986 he was awarded the coveted Torgny Segerstedt prize and in 1993 the Liberal Immigrant Association's culture prize. In 1994 he received a special grant from the Linköping municipality for his work in publicizing the horrors of the Holocaust and making an entire generation of schoolchildren aware of the dangers of the Nazi evil and its implications for the present. Like many other survivors in Sweden, Göndör spends much time visiting schools and talking about the Holocaust. For many years he also worked as a sound engineer for Swedish Radio.


Megilla-Förlaget: Svensk-judisk litteratur 1775–1994 (1995).

[Ilya Meyer (2nd ed.)]