Gone Dark

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Gone Dark ★★ The Limit 2003 (R)

Out to score a big drug bust, undercover agent Monica (Forlani) is in too deep as she has affairs with the kingpin and his right-hand man, Denny, all while becoming addicted to heroin. When Denny ends up dead, Monica fears that an elderly neighbor, May (Bacall), might know too much and in her frenzied state she holds her captive but May's not about to succumb. Forlani and Bacall do their best to redeem director Webb's freshman effort as it labors through jerky scene cuts. 83m/ C VHS, DVD . Claire Forlani, Lauren Bacall, Henry Czerny, Pete Postlethwaite; D: Lewin Webb; W: Matt Holland; C: Curtis Petersen; M: Norman Orenstein. VIDEO