Genelli, Hans Christian

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Genelli, Hans Christian (1763–1823). German architect and archaeologist. He was a pioneer of the Greek Revival, and proposed (1786) a severe Greek Doric temple as a monument to King Frederick the Great of Prussia (reigned 1740–86), an idea that Influenced F. Gilly when designing his later monument in Berlin in 1797. Genelli's unrealized work was the first example of a Greek Doric temple to be produced in Germany. He also published a reconstruction of the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus in an edition of Vitruvius (1801), a commentary on Vitruvius (1801–4), and a study of the theatre in Athens (1818). He designed Haus Ziebingen near Frankfurt-on-the-Oder (c.1800), one of the most severe of all Neo-Classical villas of the period.


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