Fuchs, Bohuslav

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Fuchs, Bohuslav (1895–1972). One of the most talented pupils of Kotěra, he became leader of the avant-garde in Brno, Moravia, Czechoslovakia, where he settled in 1923, and designed the influential Modernist Avion Hotel (1927–8). At the Czechoslovak Werkbund Exhibition, Brno (1928), he and Josef Štěpánek (1889–1964) built a ‘triple house’ which received acclaim. He designed a house for himself in Brno (1928–9); the Special School for Girls, Brno-Pisarky (1929–30—with Josef Polášek (1899–1946)), held to be a paradigm of the International Modern style; the Moravská Bank, Brno (1930–1); and the elegant Green Frog Thermal Bath Building, Trenčianske Teplice (1936–7).


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