Aigner, Chrystian Piotr

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Aigner, Chrystian Piotr (1756–1841). One of the leading architects and theorists of Polish Neo-Classicism, he designed the façade of the Church of St Anna, Warsaw (1786), the Marynka Palace at Puławy (1790), and the Garden of Allusions at Puławy (1798 onwards, with its circular temple of the Sybil, Gothic house, Chinese pavilion, remarkable rotunda-church (1800–3) with portico based on the Pantheon, Rome, and other fabriques). He was responsible for the orangery and Neo-Gothic elevation of the castle at Łańcut, and at Wilanów, Warsaw, he landscaped the grounds and erected the Gothic gallery and Morysinek Rotunda (1802–12). He reworked (1806–8) the house at Natolin originally designed by Zug, making it more severe. Later, he rebuilt the Namiestnikowski Palace (1818–19), and designed the Pantheon-like Church of St Aleksander (1818–25), both in Warsaw.


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