Aigulf of Lérins, St.

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Abbot; b. Blois c. 630; d. c. 674. At 20, Aigulf (Aigulphus, Ayou, Ayoul) entered the monastery of Fleury. Abbot Mummolus commissioned Aigulf to go to Monte Cassino, which had been ravaged by the Lombards, and to bring back the remains of SS. Benedict and Scholastica. The success of his mission is questionable (Leccisotti, Il Sepolcro di s. Benedetto, Monte Cassino, 1951). In 671 Aigulf was made abbot of Lérins. His severe rule led to his abduction and martyrdom on Capri.

Feast: Sept. 3.

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Aigulf of Lérins, St.

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