Porfirio, Guy 1958-

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Porfirio, Guy 1958-


Born 1958; married; children: two. Education: American Academy of Art, graduate; attended School of Visual Arts (New York, NY).


Home—Tucson, AZ. E-mail—[email protected].


Artist and illustrator.


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Illustrator Guy Porfirio has provided the artwork for a number of well-received children's books, including Sonia Levitin's Junk Man's Daughter and Tony Johnston's Clear Moon, Snow Soon. "I think of what I do as telling a story without using words," Porfirio remarked to Foothills News contributor Heather Stanton, adding: "I always say that as you read, before you realize it you are visualizing the story and pictures are forming in your mind."

One of Porfirio's early efforts, creating artwork for Happy Birthday, America! by Marsha Wilson Chall, focuses on a small-town family's Fourth of July celebration. "The clan's high spirits resonate in the intentionally grainy, sun-dappled watercolor and colored-pencil art," noted a contributor in Publishers Weekly, and JoAnn Jonas observed in School Library Journal that the characters' "facial expressions show the excitement and fun of the event." A young boy tries to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus in Johnston's Clear Moon, Snow Soon, a work told in verse. Here Booklist reviewer Ilene Cooper described Johnston's narrative as "warm and soothing," adding that "Porfirio's glowing oil paintings capture that same mood."

Junk Man's Daughter centers on the members of an immigrant family and their struggle to survive in the United States of America. According to Booklist contributor Hazel Rochman, Porfirio's illustrations for this book "include effective scenes of the family—hopeful, hard at work, angry, and blissful." A child's first birthday is the focus of Grandpa's Little One, a tale by actor and comedian Billy Crystal. Here Porfirio's pictures "convey the affection between grandfather and his cherubic granddaughter," remarked a critic in Publishers Weekly.

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