Porges, Nathan

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PORGES, NATHAN (1848–1924), rabbi, scholar, and bibliographer. Born in Prossnitz, Moravia, Porges received his rabbinical diploma at the Breslau seminary, in 1874. He served as rabbi in Nakel, Mannheim, Pilsen, and Karlsbad (Karlovy Vary), and from 1888 to 1917 in Leipzig, where he was awarded the title of professor in 1913. His important library contained many incunabula and rare books, which were dispersed and sold through book dealers (cf. Shunami, Bibl, index s.v.).

He wrote articles on Hebrew bibliography which appeared in the Revue des Etudes Juives, the Zeitschrift fuer hebraeische Bibliographie, and other periodicals. Porges was an expert in medieval Hebrew philology and literature, publishing essays on *Dunash ibn Labrat, Judah *Hayyuj, and Joseph *Bekhor Shor, as well as Bibelkunde und Babelfunde (1903) and some sermons.


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