Bowman, Leslie W. (Leslie Bowman)

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Bowman, Leslie W. (Leslie Bowman)


Born in CT. Education: Attended Rhode Island School of Design.


Home—Minneapolis, MN. Agent—Libby Ford, Kirchoff/Wohlberg, 866 United Nations Plaza, No. 525, New York, NY 10017. E-mail—[email protected]; [email protected].


Portrait artist and children's book illustrator. Has also worked as a courier for Federal Express.



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Leslie W. Bowman is an accomplished portrait painter who has illustrated books for such esteemed authors as Gary Paulsen, Gloria Whelan, Natalie Kinsey-Warnock, and Dick King-Smith. "I have been drawing as long as I can remember," Bowman remarked on her home page, adding that her childhood experiences growing up in

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Connecticut allowed her to develop "a love of light and form and texture." As a teenager, Bowman discovered her talent for portraiture and later studied illustration and photography at the Rhode Island School of Design. After a move to Minnesota in 1971, she established a home studio and, with the help of Caldecott Award-winning illustrator Stephen Gammell, began providing artwork for children's titles. Bowman's first effort, creating artwork for The House in the Snow by M.J. Engh, was published in 1987.

Shadows, a story by Dennis Haseley, concerns Jamie, a young boy who is sent to live with his overprotective aunt after his father dies tragically in a fire and his mother must look for work. When Jamie's paternal grandfather arrives, he teaches the youngster how to cast hand shadows on the wall while helping the boy gain a greater understanding of his father. As a Publishers Weekly reviewer stated, Bowman's "minimally drawn characters work well to illuminate" the novel's "most intriguing element—the relationship between Jamie and his grandpa.

Bowman also served as the illustrator for Deborah Chandra's Rich Lizard, and Other Poems, a collection of twenty-four verses about life's ordinary pleasures, including cotton candy, soap bubbles, and a pair of comfortable shoes. Complimenting Bowman's black-and-white illustrations, Horn Book reviewer Nancy Vasilakis stated that "the well-designed pages reflect the mood of the poems with empathic intelligence."

The Fiddler of the Northern Lights, one of several picture books Bowman has illustrated for Natalie Kinsey-Warnock, follows a young boy and his grandfather as they skate upriver one winter to catch a glimpse of a magical musician who commands the shimmering lights of the Aurora Borealis. "Bowman's soft, dreamy illustrations complement the magical elements of the text," noted Booklist contributor Kay Weisman, and a critic in Publishers Weekly observed that the artist's "understated, realistic watercolors transform the somber woodlands with curtains of light." The Copper Lady, a work of historical fiction by Alice and Kent Ross, centers on a Parisian orphan who stows away on a ship and helps save the Statue of Liberty during a terrible storm. "Watercolors rendered in soft shades of browns and grays complement" the work, according to Booklist reviewer April Judge.

Bowman's art also appears in Debra Page's nonfiction picture book Orcas around Me: My Alaskan Summer, which focuses on the author's family members and their trade as commercial salmon fishermen in the North Pacific. "Bowman's handsome sun-bleached watercolors vibrantly capture" a fisherman's life on the water, observed Linda Perkins in her review for Booklist. Horn Book contributor Roger Sutton remarked that Bowman's illustrations, "designed to blend gracefully with the textblocks, are appropriately washed and dappled," and a Publishers Weekly critic noted that the artist "contributes spare, somewhat pale watercolor illustrations that evoke both the ocean's wild openness and the family's warmth."

In Jane Buchanan's The Berry-picking Man, nine-year-old Meggie grows increasingly annoyed by her mother's attempts to help Old Sam, a former mental patient who enjoys picking wild strawberries. Referencing the book's sensitive theme, a critic in Kirkus Reviews noted that Bowman's illustrations "mimic the theme of seeing beyond the black and white to understand the whole picture."

Set during the summer of 1960, Wings, a middle-grade novel by William Loizeaux, centers on a young boy's efforts to rescue and nurture a baby mockingbird. "The flowing narration, alight with visual detail, is reflected in Bowman's soft pencil illustrations," wrote a Kirkus Reviews contributor, and Booklist critic Carolyn Phelan concluded that the artist's "drawings illustrate this graceful story with sensitivity and subtlety."

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