Bowlt, John E(llis)

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BOWLT, John E(llis)

BOWLT, John E(llis). British, b. 1943. Genres: Art/Art history, Translations. Career: University of St. Andrews, Scotland, lecturer in Russian, 1968-69; University of Kansas, Lawrence, assistant professor of Russian, 1970-71; University of Texas at Austin, associate professor, 1971-81, professor of Russian, 1981-, director of Institute of Modern Russian Culture, 1979-; affiliated with University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Research fellow at National Humanities Institute, Yale University, 1977-78; consultant to Metropolitan Museum of Art, M. H. de Young Museum, and Thames & Hudson Ltd. Publications: (ed. with S. Bann) Russian Formalism, 1973; Russian Art, 1785-1975: A Collection of Essays, 1976; (ed. and trans.) Russian Art of the Avant Garde: Theory and Criticism, 1902-1934, 1976, 2nd ed., 1988; Stage Designs and the Russian Avant Garde, 1911-1929, 1976; (ed.) Benedikt Livshits, 1977; (ed. and trans.) B. Livshits, The One-and-a-Half-Eyed Archer, 1977; (with D.V. Sarabianov) Russian and Soviet Painting, 1977; Russian Theater and Costume Design from the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, 1979; (trans.) V. Krasovskaya, Nijinsky, 1979; (trans.) E.S. Sizov, Treasures from the Kremlin, 1979; Journey into Non-Objectivity, 1980; The Silver Age: Russian Art of the Early Twentieth Century and the "World of Art" Group, 1980, 2nd ed., 1982. (ed. with R.C. Washton Long and trans.) The Life of Vasilii Kandinsky in Russian Art, 1982, 2nd ed., 1984; Russian Stage Design: Scenic Innovation, 1900-1930, 1982; (ed. with N. Misler) Pavel Filonov: A Hero and His Fate, Collected Writings on Art and Revolution, 1910-40, 1983; (with A.E. Senn and D. Straskevicius) Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis: Music of the Spheres, 1986, (ed. and author of intro.) A. Lavrentiev, Varvara Stepanova: The Complete Work, 1988; (ed. with V. Misiano) Ten Plus Ten: Contemporary Soviet and American Painters, 1989; (with O. Matich) Laboratory of Dreams: The Russian Avant-Garde and Cultural Experiment, 1990; (with N. Misler): Russian and East European Painting in the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection, 1993; Artists of the Russian Theater, Vol. 2, 1994; The Salon Album of Vera Sudeikin-Stravinsky, 1995; The Uncommon Vision of Sergei Konenkov, 2001. Address: University of Southern California, Department of Slavic Languages, University Park, Box 4353, Los Angeles, CA 90089-4353, U.S.A.

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Bowlt, John E(llis)

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