Bowling, Drew C. 1985-

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Bowling, Drew C. 1985-


Born September 25, 1985.


Home—MD. Agent—Robin Rue, Writers House, 21 W. 26th St., New York, NY 10010. E-mail—[email protected].




The Tower of Shadows (science fiction novel), Del Rey/Ballantine Books (New York, NY), 2006.


Drew C. Bowling notes on his Web site that he knew he was destined to write fantasy and science fiction after reading The Lord of the Rings, given to him by his father when Bowling was in third grade. He was a high school senior when he began writing his debut novel, The Tower of Shadows, and when it was accepted for publication, he continued working on it as a college freshman.

The protagonists, like the author, are young. Cade Starcross watched his parents die in a fire set by the Coven, monsters created by fallen angels. Cade was saved by wizard Dale and mercenary Wren Tident and now seeks revenge against the most evil of all demons, Apollyon. In order to summon Apollyon, Cade must find a magic dagger and use it to spill the blood of his brother, Corin. When the two meet, the course of events changes.

"The world of Ellynrie has some wonderful elements and leaves much more to be explored with future works," wrote reviewer Stephen Hubbard for "It also provides a glimpse into what Bowling may be able to do in the years to come as he further defines his voice." A Publishers Weekly contributor wrote that Bowling "brings an exciting pace and his own exuberant style to a novel suitable for all ages."



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Bowling, Drew C. 1985-

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