Bowles, Eva del Vakia (1875–1943)

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Bowles, Eva del Vakia (1875–1943)

African-American leader of the YWCA. Born Eva del Vakia Bowles, Jan 24, 1875, in Albany, Athens Co., Ohio; died June 14, 1943, in Richmond, Virginia; dau. of John Hawkes Bowles (postal clerk) and Mary Jane (Porter) Bowles.

Worked as teacher in Kentucky, Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia; on recommendation of Addie Hunton, was appointed secretary, Harlem branch of YWCA (1905); served as caseworker for Associated Charities of Columbus, OH (1908–12); became secretary of subcommittee on colored work for National Board of YWCA (1913); put in charge of Negro work of War Work Council, YWCA (1917); served as general coordinator of Council on Colored Work, YWCA; opposed separatist movement among younger black leaders in organization (1920s); served as secretary to board of directors, New York Urban League; retired from YWCA (1932).

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