Dowie, John A. 1847-1907

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DOWIE, John A. 1847-1907

(John Alexander Dowie)

PERSONAL: Born May 25, 1847, in Edinburgh, Scotland; immigrated to Australia; immigrated to United States, 1888; died March 9, 1907, in Zion, IL; son of John Murray (a tailor and preacher) and Ann (Macfarlane-McHardie) Dowie; married Jeanne Dowie, 1876. Education: Attended University of Edinburgh.

CAREER: Ordained Congregational minister, 1870; minister of a Congregational Church in Newton, Australia, 1876–78; evangelistic preacher, 1978–82; International Divine Healing Association, Melbourne, Australia, founder and leader, 1882–88; traveling lecturer and healer in United States, 1888–93; established tabernacle in Chicago, IL, 1893; Christian Catholic Apostolic Church, founder, 1896, general overseer, minister, and healer, 1896–1906, founder and administrator of city of Zion, IL, 1901–06; deposed from ministry, 1906. Also worked as junior partner of a wholesale dry-goods business in Adelaide, Australia, c. 1870s.


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Author of pamphlets "'The Times of the Restoration of All Things': Elijah the Restorer—Malachi 4:5," edited by John Alfred Lewis, (Zion, IL), 1917; and "The Gospel of Divine Healing and How I Came to Preach It: Extract from an Address," Recorder of Zion (Zion, IL). Author of magazine Leaves of Healing.



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Dowie, John A. 1847-1907

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