Dower, Laura 1967- (Jo Hurley)

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Dower, Laura 1967- (Jo Hurley)


Born March 9, 1967, in MA; married Richard Dower (an educator); children: Myles, Olivia, Nathaniel. Education: Columbia University, B.A., 1989.


Agent—Stimola Literary Studio, 306 Chase Ct., Edgewater, NJ 07020.




Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, Authors Guild.


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From the Files of Madison Finn Super Edition #2: Hit the Beach, Hyperion Paperbacks for Children (New York, NY), 2006.

Author of unauthorized biographies under the pseudonym Jo Hurley, including Pop People: Britney Spears and Hangin' with Hilary Duff. Author of quiz books, including Celebrity Quiz-O-Rama 1: Pop Party, Celebrity Quiz-O-Rama 2: Music Mania, and Celebrity Quiz-O-Rama 3: Screen Scene.


Laura Dower is an American writer who has written scores of fiction books, primarily for children. In 2001 Dower started the "From the Files of Madison Finn" series with the publication of Only the Lonely. The debut of the series introduces Madison Finn, a seventh-grade girl who keeps records on everything and everyone. In her first adventure, she makes new friends while her best friends are away at camp. When they return she finds that they have all changed and her new friend becomes a point of contention. Eventually the group learns to be friends again. A reviewer writing on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Web site commented that "Dower takes you on a exciting adventure with lots of twists and turns that will surely make you read it again." The reviewer concluded that Only the Lonely is "a must-read for the pre-teen girl." Booklist contributor Lauren Peterson labeled Madison's character as "spunky." Peterson mentioned that "although some serious topics are raised, they are handled mostly in a lighthearted way." A contributor to the Preteen Planet Web site thought that Only the Lonely "is great for girls ages 10-14." The same reviewer described the writing style as "really fun and entertaining," adding that readers "can probably relate to it." A contributor to Publishers Weekly described the novel as a "chatty debut." The same contributor concluded that "the issues are real enough and credibly handled, so that readers who identify with Madison's angst may well want to" continue reading the series. Marilyn Payne Phillips, writing in School Library Journal, called the novel "fluffy reading." Phillips concluded that "this novel has no heavy messages to weigh down a light summer read."

Dower published the nonfiction book I Will Remember You: What to Do When Someone You Love Dies: A Guidebook through Grief for Teens, in 2001. The book discusses ways in which teens can cope with the loss of a loved one by using personal accounts by teens who have recently experienced that loss, sharing their experience from a like-minded position. Archie Goodfeather, writing on, described the book as "the balancing pole that enables teenagers to walk the tightrope of sadness, loss, and grief," avoiding the well-meaning, but often off-track advice from friends and loved ones. Goodfeather praised the approach Dower took in dealing with this sensitive issue, noting that it is "particularly effective."

In 2006 Dower published the story Rewind. The story is told by splitting it into three personal viewpoints of three high school seniors, Cady, Lucas, and Hope. The book opens with Cady witnessing her boyfriend, Lucas, slapping his friend and class beauty, Hope, across the face. The book unfolds by taking a reverse chronological approach, leading back through a web of deceit, romance, and power plays among the characters involved, behind the back of the other. Booklist contributor Hazel Rochman thought that the overall story "may seem confusing," but noted that the strong part of the book is in the individual details in each self-sustaining chapter. Rochman pointed out that the story is "filled with sizzling characters, fast dialogue, casual sex, … and plenty of contemporary trappings."



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