Britton, Andrew 1981-

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Britton, Andrew 1981-


Born 1981, in Peterborough, England; immigrated to the United States, 1988. Education: Studied at Wake Technical Community College and University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.


Home—Raleigh, NC. Agent—Nancy Coffey, Literary and Media Representation, 240 W. 45th St., New York, NY 10001.


Writer. Military service: Served in U.S. Army in Fort Riley, KS, and South Korea, 1999-2002.


The American (novel), Kensington Books (New York, NY), 2006, published as Heart of Betrayal, Penguin Books (London, England), 2007.

The Assassin (novel), Kensington Books (New York, NY), 2007.


Andrew Britton was born in Peterborough, England, and immigrated to Grand Rapids, Michigan, seven years later. Immediately after graduating high school, he joined the U.S. Army and was based in both Kansas and South Korea for a period of three years. After an honorable discharge from the military, he continued his studies while writing his first novel. Britton did not tell his family or friends that he had even written a novel until he sold it. Britton stopped his studies to write his second novel. On the Andrew Britton Home Page, he explained the enjoyment he gets out of writing. "For me, the best part about writing is developing characters; creating life out of thin air. Even if it's just on paper, it's an amazing thing, indescribable, almost. I also enjoy incorporating fiction and real life. I'm always searching for ways to blend fiction and fact, and when it works well, it turns out seamlessly, adding a sense of realism to all aspects of the story. In short, the fiction very nearly becomes fact."

In his first novel, The American, Britton uses his knowledge of current events and military technology in creating the story of South African-born U.S. soldier Jason March, who kills the other members of his unit. The team leader, CIA veteran Ryan Kealey, survives and makes it his life mission to find March, whom he suspects was responsible for assassinating a U.S. senator and may have even more dangerous plans. The novel was published in England in 2007 as Heart of Betrayal. Reviews for the debut novel were mostly positive. Roland Person, writing in Library Journal, complimented Britton's knowledge of military technology, but noted that "it is his considerable writing tal- ent that brings this rip-roaring plot to life." A contributor to Publishers Weekly thought some readers may enjoy the story, but personally found it "formulaic, … ordinary, and tedious." In a Booklist review, David Pitt said that "Britton shows a great deal of promise."

Britton's second novel, The Assassin, is also a political thriller that makes use of Britton's military technological background. Despite his status as a hero, Kealey is shunned by members of the intelligence community. He is reluctantly brought back into the fold to help defeat criminal mastermind William Vanderveen. Reviews were mostly positive. In a review, Joe Hartlaub commented that The Assassin "demonstrates that Britton can and will do anything to keep his readers guessing and turning pages." Larry Gandle agreed in a Tampa Tribune article, stating that "Britton is definitely a thriller writer to watch." Armchair Interviews contributor Bob Pike called the book "rich in its descriptive quality and characterizations." Pike added: "As you read you find yourself wondering how much is fiction and how much parallels what's going on in our world today."



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