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Mathieu, family of French musicians:

(1) Michel Mathieu, violinist, violist, and composer; b. Paris, Oct. 28, 1689; d. Versailles, April 7 or 9, 1768. He became a member of the orch. of the Paris Opéra in 1718, and from 1728 to 1761 he served as a musicien du roi. He publ. many instrumental and vocal works. His wife, Jacqueline-Françoise Barbier (b. 1708; d. 1773), was an esteemed soprano at the Versailles court. They had two sons, both of whom were musicians:

(2) Julien-Amable Mathieu, violinist and composer; b. Versailles, Jan. 31, 1734; d. Paris, Sept. 6 or 9, 1811. At the age of 14, he was granted a reversion of a place in the 24 violons du roi, remaining active with them until 1761. From 1765 to 1792 he was music master of the royal chapel. He wrote a number of fine sonatas and duets for violins (1756–64), and also many choral motets.

(3) Michel-Julien Mathieu, violinist, writer, and composer; b. Fontainebleau, Oct. 8, 1740; d. after 1777. He composed operas, incidental music, and many instrumental and vocal pieces. He also prepared trs. and wrote texts for several plays.

—Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire