Mathias, Franz Xaver

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Mathias, Franz Xaver

Mathias, Franz Xaver, Alsatian organist and composer; b. Dinsheim, July 16, 1871; d. Strasbourg, Feb. 2, 1939. He studied in Germany with Hugo Riemann. He was organist at the Strasbourg Cathedral (1898–1908), and then a prof, of sacred music at the Univ. of Strasbourg. Among his works, the best known is the oratorio Mystère de Joseph, containing an instrumental Ballet égyptien. He also wrote an oratorio of gigantic dimensions, Urbem Virgo tuam serva for 2 Choruses (with the assistance of a “crowd” of many voices), 28 cantatas, several masses, Psalms, motets, and many organ pieces. He also pubi, a manual of accompaniment of Gregorian chant.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

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