Holloway, Robin (Greville)

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Holloway, Robin (Greville) (b Leamington Spa, 1943). Eng. composer. Lect. in mus., Cambridge Univ. from 1975. One of most gifted and interesting of post–1960 school of Eng. composers, with a richly romantic style owing something to Strauss but not merely backwards-looking. Works incl.:OPERA: Clarissa (1968–76).ORCH.: Concertino No.1 (1964, new finale 1968–9), No.2 (1967, menuetto added 1974), No.3 (Homage to Weill), 11 players (1975), No.4 (Showpiece), 14 players (1982–3); Concerto for Orchestra (1966–9); Second Concerto for Orchestra (1979); Third Concerto for Orchestra (1981–94); Divertimento No.1 (amateur orch.) (1968); Scenes from Schumann, 7 paraphrases (1969–70); Domination of Black, sym.-poem (1973–4); Romanza, vn., small orch. (1976); Idyll, small orch., No.1 (1979–80), No.2 (1982–3), No.3 (Frost at Midnight) (1993); Aria (Dark Air), chamber orch. (1979–80); hn. conc. (divided into Sonata and Adagio and Rondo) (1979–80); Serenata Notturna, 4 hn., small orch. (1982); Seascape and Harvest (1983–4); va. conc. (1983–4); Romanza, ob., str. (1984); Ballad, hp., small orch. (1984–5); bn. conc. (1984–5); Inquietus (1986); conc. for cl., sax. (1988); Panorama (1988); vn. conc. (1988–9); Wagner Nights (1989); Serenade for Strings (1990).ENS.: Garden Music, 8 players (1962, rev. 1967); conc., org., wind (1965–6); Fantasy-Pieces, on Heine Liederkreis of R. Schumann, 13 players (1971); Evening with Angels, 16 players (1972); Divertimento No.2, wind nonet (1972); The Rivers of Hell, 7 players (1977); Serenade in C, octet (1979); Ode, 4 winds, str. (1980); Serenade in G, str. sextet, db. (1986); Summer Music, ob., cl., str. qt. (1991); Winter Music, ob., cl., tpt., vn., vc., pf. (1992); pf. trio (1994).VOICE(S) & ORCH.: The Wind Shifts, 8 poems of W. Stevens, high v., str. (1970); Cantata on the Death of God, sop., ten., bass, spkr., ch., org., orch. (1972–3); Sea-Surface Full of Clouds, cantata, sop., cont., counterten., ten. soloists, small ch., chamber orch. (1974–5); Clarissa Symphony, sop., ten., orch. (1976, 1981); Brand, ballad, solo vv., ch., org., orch. (1981); Peer Gynt, solo vv., ch., orch., actors, mimes, dance, and film (1984).VOICE(S) & ENS.: 3 Poems of William Empson, mez. and ens. (1964–5); Music for Eliot's ‘Sweeney Agonistes’, 3 or 4 speakers and 5 players (1965); In Chymick Art, cantata, sop., bar., 9 players (1965–6); Melodrama, 3 poems of S. Plath, speaker, male ch., ens. (1967); Divertimento No.3 (Nursery Rhymes), sop., wind quintet (1977); Conundrums (Divertimento No.4), sop., wind quintet (1977, 1979); Moments of Vision, speaker, vn., vc., pf., perc. (1984); The Spacious Firmament, ch., orch. (1988–9).UNACC. CHORUS: The Consolation of Music (1967–71–77); 5 Madrigals (1973); Hymn for Voices (1977); He-She-Together (1978); Anthem (1982); Hymn to the Senses (1990); Lord, What is Man?, motet (1990–1).SONG-CYCLES & SONGS: 4 Housman Fragments, sop., pf. (1965–6); 4 Poems of Stevie Smith, unacc. sop. (1968–9); Banal Sojourn, 7 Stevens poems, high v., pf. (1971); Georgian Songs, 10 songs, bar., pf. (1972); 5 Little Songs about Death ( S. Smith), unacc. sop. (1972–3); Lights Out, 4 songs, bar., pf. (1974); In the Thirtieth Year, 5 songs, ten., pf. (1974); Author of Light, 4 songs, cont., pf. (1974); The Leaves Cry, 2 songs, sop., pf. (1974); This is Just to Say, ten., pf. (1977); The Blue Doom of Summer, v., hp. (1977); Willow Cycle, ten., hp. (1977); From High Windows, 6 poems by P. Larkin, bar., pf. (1977); Killing Time, unacc. sop. (1978); The Noon's Repose, 3 songs, ten., hp. (1978–9); Wherever We May Be, 5 songs by R. Graves, sop., pf. (1980–1); The Lovers' Well, bass-bar., pf. (1981); Women in War, revue, 4 female vv., pf. (1982).CHAMBER MUSIC: 3 Slithy Toves, 2 cl. (1978); sonata for vn. solo (1981); Suite for Saxophone (1982); Serenade in E♭, wind quintet, str. quintet (1983); First Partita, hn. (1985), Second Partita, hn. (1985); pf. trio (1994).BRASS BAND: From Hills and Valleys (1983); Men Marching (1983).ORGAN: Fantasy (1986).