Hollow Reed

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Hollow Reed ★★★ Believe Me 1995

Heart-wrenching, though not maudlin, drama revolves around nine-year-old Oliver Wyatt (Bould). His parents, Martyn (Donovan) and Hannah (Richardson), have bitterly divorced after Martyn finally acknowledges his homosexuality and moves in with his lover, Tom (Hart). Hannah's new live-in boyfriend Frank (Flemyng) turns out to be abusive towards Oliver, who's reluctant to say anything to destroy his mother's new happiness. But when Martyn discovers what's happening, he instigates a custody battle for his son that has everyone at each other's throats, with the terrified Oliver caught in the crossfire. Compelling performances. 105m/C VHS . GB Martin Donovan, Joely Richardson, Ian Hart, Jason Flemyng, Sam Bould, Edward Hardwicke, Annette Badland, Douglas Hodge; D: Angela Pope; W: Paula Milne; C: Remi Adefarasin; M: Anne Dudley.